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  • Ngày sinh: 10/19/1992
  • Thể loại: Pop
Giới thiệu

This is a song that needs a ‘soul’ to sing. It’s a song that tells us about someone who is in a deep grief of losing someone he/she loved and doesn’t want to experience another love since the one she loves has gone. And as a soundtrack of musical and drama movie, I think this song has stolen all the audience’s heart since the lyrics and the melodies are really deep and beautiful. I hope I can sing this song with soul and deliver the message to the audience.

Chi tiết

Olivia graduated from broadcasting communication of universitas Indonesia for diploma degree and from marketing management of Bina Nusantara Univeristy for bachelor degree.


2016: Grand Finalist of Just Duet Indonesia Net TV

2015: 1st Place of StarVoices Indonesia by Soundcloud

2015: Big 24 of X-Factor Indonesia RCTI

2014: 3rd Place of Indonesia Bernyanyi by Voice of Indonesia

2014: 1st Place of Gencapella by 98.7 GEN FM

2014: 2nd Place of Elfas Jazz Choir Competition

2013: 1st Place of Close Up Freshformance by Unilever

2013: 1st Place of Lomba Cipta Lagu Pop Daerah (Vocal)

2013: Favorite Place of Lomba Jingle BNI London (Vocal)

2012: 1st Place of Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional XI (Vocal Group Scope) in Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat


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